In 2005, “Klatschmohn und Silberstift” (Poppies and Silver Pen), the first part of the painter’s memoirs, was published. The second volume, “Wechselgesang” (Change of Tune), was released in 2008, followed by “Nachschlag” (Encore) in 2010, the last volume published up to this point.

Klatschmohn und Silberstift (Poppies and Silver Pen)

Letterado Verlag, Quedlinburg 2005
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Wechselgesang (Change of Tune)

Dr. Ziethen Verlag, Oschersleben 2007
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Nachschlag (Encore)

Dr. Ziethen Verlag, Oschersleben 2010
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Prusiano Latino

In addition to Karl Oppermann’s memoirs, an illustrated biography by Kerstin Englert was also published in 1995, giving the German artist the title “Prusiano Latino,” a committed Prussian and Latin American.
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Projekt Blocksberg

Projekt Blocksberg (Project Blocksberg)

At the end of 2020, “Project Blocksberg” was released. This is not a melancholic retrospective, but rather Oppermann’s statement, placing the painter’s brush in the wounds of our time and recounting his experiences. Available as a paperback, hardcover, and e-book.
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Collections of Texts

Oppermann, who belonged to the group of Berlin painter-poets with Grass and Schnurre, also wrote lyrical texts early on.

The following three collections of texts are still available in limited quantities and can be ordered here via email. All other publications listed further down on the page are unfortunately already sold out. With luck, you may find these on internet portals offering second-hand books.

Musikalisches Skizzenbuch (Musical Sketchbook)

Collages full of irony accompanied by deliberately naive texts that underline the entertainment value. “More beautiful than the music itself was the artist who pursued it.”
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Doktorspiele (Doctor's Games)

Karl Oppermann takes aim at the “gods in white coats.” “So definitely take a hormonal pill, then you’ll live, from chest to knee, in hormone, hormone, hormone, never.”
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Lieber Hans (Dear Hans)

A series of humorous holiday greetings that sparked a deeper exploration of collage technique. “More beautiful than the music itself was the artist who pursued it.”
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Instead of a single copy, you can also order a package consisting of the Musical Sketchbook, Doctor’s Games & Dear Hans. Each copy is hand-signed, with a personal dedication upon request.
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Collections of Texts

  • „Altea“, Poems and Etchings, Berlin 1962
  • „Unter der Lasur“, Poems and Drawings, Berlin 1971
  • „Schmetterlinge“, Poems and Etchings, Berlin 1969
  • “An die Mauer geschrieben”, Poems and Screen prints, Berlin 1974
  • “Metamorphosen”, Watercolors and Poems, Berlin 1980
  • „Kopfstand und Bandoneon“, Poems and Watercolors, Berlin 1982
  • „Les Vagants“, Oil paintings and Drawings, Genua/Berlin 1984
  • “Vaganten”, Poems and Drawings, Braunschweig 1985